About Marketing Teacher

Tim Friesner started Marketing Teacher in 2000. It is now the most popular free marketing education website.

I noticed that when we began to set reading tasks for our university students, that they bypassed the library, and went straight to the IT Centre. Sounds silly almost 20 years later! Tim Friesner, founder and Director of Marketing Teacher.

So we learned some HTML and PHP, and began putting the lessons on to the Internet so that our University students could find them. Then we realised that marketing students, teachers and professionals from all over the World were recommending Marketing Teacher, and they still do!

Today, it is still free (although we accept donations), and has been accessed by many millions of marketing learners, studying at every level, in all cultural settings.

About Tim Friesner

Tim is a Higher Education teacher, with more than 20 years’ experience within a range of learning and teaching, academic, and training roles in the public, private and university sectors. His professional expertise is in marketing, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. He is an Associate Lecturer with a number of business schools including the Open University Business School, Winchester Business School, and Chichester Business School, tutoring students studying topics including marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation and management.

Who are we?

We are a small group of marketing lecturers, some from southern England, based in Chichester, whilst others contribute from an array of worldwide locations including the United States.

All contributors to the website are qualified marketing lecturers with many years of marketing education experience. We teach on a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate marketing programmes in Higher and Further Education, as well as professional development programmes.



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