Digital Marketing Internal Audits

Digital Marketing Internal Audits

Where are we now? (internal perspective)

The starting point for any digital marketing planning is the internal audit. We are seeking to answer the question, where are we now? form an internal perspective. This is a consideration of internal resources and the effectiveness of our eBusiness based upon a number of factors, as such as those that follow:

You would also need to play close attention to your marketing audit. For example:

1.The Internal Marketing Environment.

What resources do we have at hand? (i.e. The FIVE ‘M’s):

  • MEN (Labor/Labour).
  • MONEY (Finances).
  • MACHINERY (Equipment).
  • MINUTES (Time).
  • MATERIALS (Factors of Production).


  • Labour (trained, motivated, retained) Men.
  • Capital (investment/cash flow) Money.
  • Equipment (servers/software/back up) Machinery.
  • Time (project plans) Minutes.
  • Raw materials or components (depends on your business) – Materials .

Current effectiveness.

  • Page views/sites/hits/page views/income.
  • Trends/potential new customers
  • Customers – e.g. how many are online? Are there new channel segments emerging?
  • Competitors – who are they? What is their online proposition? How successful are they online?
  • Distributors – are new, online, intermediaries emerging while old off-line distributors are being wiped out (disintermediation)? What are the potential channel conflicts?
  • Current product market strategies of competitors I.e. audit with Ansoff’s matrix.