Digital marketing Mix

Digital Marketing Mix

What is the digital marketing Mix?

The digital marketing Mix is essentially the same as the marketing mix. It is simply the adaptation of price, place, product and promotion to the digital marketing context. Of course one could also include physical evidence, people and process when marketing planning for an online service. Below are a series of lessons that consider how markets can apply the digital marketing mix to their organization’s own product, service, brand or solution.

  • This lesson looks at ways of increasing the popularity of your website by looking at external sources of Internet Advertising. Read more….
  • Digital marketing Price

    The digital marketing mix is simply an adaptation of the traditional marketing mix, and ‘P’ for price. However, the Internet has influenced how online businesses price in a number of ways. Read more…

    The Marketing Mix

    Digital marketing Place

    The digital marketing space consists of new Internet companies that have emerged as the Internet has developed, as well as those pre-existing companies that now employ digital marketing approaches as part of their overall marketing plan. For some companies the Internet is an additional channel that enhances or replaces their traditional channel(s) or place. Read more….

    Digital marketing Product

    We’ve already considered product as part of the marketing mix. Two previous tools for product decision-making have been introduced – Product Life Cycle (PLC) and the Three Levels of a Product. Read more…

    Digital marketing Promotion

    • This lesson looks at ways of increasing the popularity of your website by looking at the internal optimization of the website itself. It considers many important ways of building your traffic, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approaches. Read more…