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  • Why do you need a website?

    Why do you need a website?

    The first place that any of your potential customers or clients will look for you is on the Internet.  So obviously your website needs to be a digital representation of everything that’s great about your small business. Not having a website isn’t a choice.  So where do you begin?  It is all down to you,…

  • Simple viral marketing

    Simple viral marketing

    Viral marketing is an often discussed term, but how will it help you to market your small business? Viral marketing is the equivalent of online word-of-mouth. Viral marketing, aka Buzz marketing, uses all of the digital marketing media to disseminate a message which is passed along from person to person; it is viral because it…

  • Your own affiliate program

    Your own affiliate program

    Why not consider your own affiliate programme? You would be the merchant (as Amazon was in the example) Benefits of affiliate marketing, as a merchant. everything is tracked and so each stage can be checked by the merchant and the affiliate; this means that both parties are accountable. You pay for performance. If there is…

  • AdWords – getting started

    AdWords – getting started

    Signing up for Google AdWords is very straightforward. You simply start an account, and if you get stuck you can telephone a Google advisor to help you. You can tailor your advertising to suit specific customers, and you can change your advertising campaign throughout the year. You are able to measure the impact of your…

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

    Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

    The majority of online advertising today is conducted using a Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC).  If you look at the top of a Google search, you will see a series of the adverts before the actual search engine results appear.  Here’s an example of a search for ‘cheap+pianos.’ Google AdWords These are paid-for adverts using a product…

  • Small business advertising plan

    Small business advertising plan

    Your outline advertising plan in 7 steps. Who is the potential TARGET AUDIENCE of the advert?  These are your potential customers. WHAT do I wish to communicate to this target audience?  Tell them about your product or service, its benefits, attributes and features.  Tell them about your brand! Why is this message so IMPORTANT to…

  • Advertising for entrepreneurs

    Advertising for entrepreneurs

    Your advertising will direct a message to large numbers of potential customers with one single communication!  A couple of simple things to remember here: firstly, advertising needs to be aimed at specific potential customers from whom you need to make a profit; which leads nicely on to secondly, advertising needs to be cost effective.  It…

  • Promoting and advertising your start-up

    Promoting and advertising your start-up

    There are many tools and techniques that will be useful to you when communicating with the outside world.  Think about these tools as another type of mix, let us call it the promotions mix!  Again, you will balance and blend these approaches to suit your business’ needs best. Ask yourself ‘why?’ are you trying to…

  • Tips and techniques for successful blogging

    Tips and techniques for successful blogging

    Tips and techniques for successful blogging Now that you’ve discovered the power of successful blogging for entrepreneurs, start-ups or small businesses, make the most of your writing time by considering some of the following tips. Design a publishing schedule, and stick to it. You do not have to write an entry every day.  Find out…

  • Blogs for entrepreneurs

    Blogs for entrepreneurs

    Writing a successful blog for your idea, start-up or small business If you are new to blogging, then the whole topic of writing a successful blog for your small business, idea or start-up, may seem a little daunting.  This section will consider the pros and cons of a blog, and offer advice and tips on…

  • 20 Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

    20 Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Networking for entrepreneurs and small businesspeople often involves meeting new contacts and developing existing relationships.

  • What is crowdfunding?

    What is crowdfunding?

    By definition, crowdfunding is one strategy for financing a business start up by raising money related commitments from an extensive number of individuals.