Five Ws and How of Events Planning

The Five Ws and How of Events Planning

1. Who are your guests? Who is holding the event? How many people are expected to attend? Do any of the attendees need any additional arrangements e.g. the elderly, disabled, or children?
2. What is your event? What sort of event do you intend to hold? Consider your attendees and what might appeal to them. Will the venue be indoors or outdoors? Discuss with delegates:

• Live music and sport
• Festivals and cultural events
• Meeting and conferences
• Incentive travel
Product launches
• Exhibitions and tradeshows
• Weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties
• Ask delegates for others from their personal/professional experiences

3. When is your event? What is the deadline for your event? Make sure that it will not clash with other events that your delegates may wish to attend. Does the deadline leave you with enough time to plan? How long will the event last – hours/days/weeks, and will it be at a particular time e.g. weekend, Bank Holiday, evening, afternoon or morning?
4. Where is your event? Is it easy to find? Will it be local? Will it be international? Think carefully about the venue that will best suit your event and your delegates. Will you need parking? Will you need to arrange transport?
5. Why is this event happening? What is the purpose of the event? Does your organisation have aims and objectives that need to be achieved? Do you intend to sell any products; create awareness; increase knowledge; build relationships; others?
6. How much money is in your budget? When is the money available? Do you need to consider cash flow? Do you need to pay anyone in cash? Budgeting will be considered in more detail later today.