Johnson and Johnson Marketing Mix

Over the years Johnson & Johnson has grown substantially in part due to strategic acquisitions ranging from large ones such as Neutrogena in 1994 and DePuy in 1998, to many smaller ones. From 1989 to 1999, the company made 45 such acquisitions of companies and product lines. Today the firm can boast of revenues exceeding $61,897 million during the financial year (FY) ended December 2009.


  • Johnson and Johnson products are basically in three main categories: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, and Consumer Health care.
  • The following are examples of the Johnson & Johnson product inventory: Feminine hygiene, Denture care, Contraceptives, Immunology, First aid, Family planning, Oncology, Nutritionals, Diabetes care, Neurology, Vision care, Allergy cold and flu treatment, Women’s Health, Medical devices and diagnostics.
  • Price

  • In the United States, Johnson and Johnson strives to keep their net price increases for health care products within the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • Johnson and Johnson works with governments to develop differential pricing approaches to help more people access their medical products. Johnson & Johnson companies have agreements with the United Kingdom for VELCADE ® (bortezomib), a treatment for multiple myeloma, and with France for RISPERDAL® CONSTA® (risperidone long-acting injection) a medication for the symptoms of schizophrenia. Companies and government agencies are also entering other types of risk-sharing agreements in order to help people gain access to new therapies sooner.
  • The following are examples of Johnson and Johnson consumer product prices: Bengay Pain Relief $12.99, (at Amazon), Listerine Oral Care $7.49 (Next Tag), Splenda Sweetener $7 ( Rapid Release $12.95 ( Allegro ).
  • Place

  • These are some companies that sell Johnson and Johnson products wholesale: Over the Counter, WUZ Group,
  • Johnson and Johnson products can be found at the following retail outlets: Target, Walgreens, WalMart, Vons and Eversave, to name but a few.
  • Johnson and Johnson Marketing Mix

    The roots for the Johnson & Johnson Company run deep. The company began in1886. It incorporated one year later. By 1896 it had released its first major product of note – a sterilizing technique for catgut sutures.

    The firm branched out in 1919, with the establishment of an affiliate in Canada, and in Britain in 1924. Next came a public launch and a listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 1944. Would you like to take a lesson on the marketing mix?


  • Johnson and Johnson offers special discount coupons on products such as baby care, and contact lens.
  • Johnson and Johnson has run a “Beauty for All Ages” rebate promotion on and some of the campaign products are available at Walgreens and may also include buy one get one half off discount as well.
  • Johnson & Johnson is involved with many causes and advertising campaigns that encourage healthy lifestyles. Key initiatives include: The Campaign for Nursing’s Future, Having a Baby Changes Things, and Because We Care We Act (China).
  • Process

  • Johnson and Johnson employs what they call a “decentralized management approach”. Employees are encouraged to be “entrepreneurial” with the understanding that they will benefit from focusing on customer needs and providing solutions.
  • Johnson and Johnson seeks to turn insights into innovative new products and sometimes whole new businesses. Their goal is to capitalize on scientific breakthroughs, marketing insights and manufacturing expertise easily across the full range their businesses. With more than 250 operating companies have a local window into emerging customer needs, scientific developments, and technologies throughout the world.
  • The Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson is the principal management group responsible for the operations and allocation of the resources of the Company. This Committee oversees and coordinates the activities of the Consumer, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and Diagnostics business segments. Each subsidiary within the business segments is, with some exceptions, managed by citizens of the country where it is located.
  • Physical Evidence

  • The Johnson & Johnson Headquarters is located at One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • The Johnson& Johnson Consumer Division is located at 199 Grandview Road, Skillman New Jersey.
  • The Ortho-Biotech Division is located at 700 Route 202 Raritan, New Jersey.
  • The Lifescan Division is located at 1000 Gibralta Drive, Milpitas, California.
  • The VistaKon Division is located at 7500 Centurion Pkwy, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • The Endo Surgery Division is located at 4545 Creek Road Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • The Independence Technology Division is located at 40 technology Drive, Warren New Jersey.
  • Company Subsidiaries, Codman and Shurlett as well as De Puy Acromed are located at 325 Paramount Drive Raynham Massachusetts.
  • The Johnson and Johnson logo is based on the signature of James Wood Johnson, one of the two brothers originally who founded the company.
  • Johnson & Johnson maintains a presence online via a number of websites which provide information on company values, and management approach.
  • Another Johnson and Johnson website , provides detailed information on various consumer products such as Listerine or Tylenol.
  • People

  • William C Weldon is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson.
  • Dominic J. Caruso is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance.
  • Johnson and Johnson has a Global Diversity and Inclusion program with a goal of achieving a skilled, high performance workforce that is reflective of the diverse global marketplace (workforce).
  • Johnson & Johnson was ranked #2 among Diversity Inc. Magazines Top 50 Companies for Diversity.
  • The company has ranked high Working Mother Magazines’ Top One Hundred Companies for Working Mothers
    or 24 years.

Johnson & Johnson was founded more than 120 years ago on a revolutionary idea: Doctors and nurses should use sterile sutures, dressings and bandages to treat peoples’ wounds. Since then, we’ve brought the world new ideas and products that have transformed human health and well-being. Every invention, every product, every breakthrough has been powered by generations of employees who are inspired to make a difference. More . . .

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