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Welcome to digitalogies – Tim Friesner’s personal blog. I’ve reserved this little piece of digitalness as my space for my own ramblings, thoughts and ideas. It’s a digital indulgence – and 100% sugar free – honest (it must be true – it’s on the web).

advertising plan

Small business advertising plan

Your outline advertising plan in 7 steps. Who is the potential TARGET AUDIENCE of the ...
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advertising for entrepreneurs

Advertising for entrepreneurs

Your advertising will direct a message to large numbers of potential customers with one single ...
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Promoting and advertising your small business.

Promoting and advertising your start-up

There are many tools and techniques that will be useful to you when communicating with ...
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Blogging for entrepreneurs.

Tips and techniques for successful blogging

Tips and techniques for successful blogging Now that you've discovered the power of successful blogging ...
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Blogs for entrepreneurs

Blogs for entrepreneurs

Writing a successful blog for your idea, start-up or small business If you are new ...
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Facebook is popular with most ages

Get your business on Facebook

Why is Facebook ideal for your business? Worldwide, there are over 1.65 billion monthly active ...
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