Advertising in cinemas and theatres

Cinemas and movie theatres

Your local cinema or movie theatre may be the place where your local customers congregate.  Similar rules apply, as with radio and newspapers above, so common sense says you need to target those movies which your customers want to see. 

If you have a restaurant you may decide to advertise early in the evening so that your customers will go to your restaurant when they have watched their movie; if you have a toy store you will want to target movies that will be seen by children, and more importantly their parents. 

As a creative medium, obviously cinema adverts have sound, movement and colour.  The downside here is that they can be relatively more expensive to make.  Therefore, work with a local production company, or even your local movie theatre, and tell them the restrictions of your budget.  Adverts can be based upon a series of basic photographs and text, over-dubbed with a short commentary.  Your decision will be based upon the level of your resources, and your commitments to communicating a particular message.  Contact your local movie theatre to ask their advice.