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  • Measuring the success of your campaign

    Measuring the success of your campaign

    Most of us do not have the time to measure success.  However, evaluating how successful your campaigns and promotions have been, is an important way to learn.  Use this learning to make your campaign and promotions more effective and profitable in the future.  Here are a few tips on ways to gather information on the…

  • Guerrilla marketing

    Guerrilla marketing

    Seller beware!  Guerrilla marketing is innovative and seizes the moment.  It is a controversial way of promoting your products and services.  The idea is that in some way you ambush your customers or the media that they are exposed to, such as TV or radio.  For a small business, your resources will be limited; an…

  • Television Advertising

    Television Advertising

    Television Since you are a smaller business, television advertising is probably a less likely option for you.  Of course, as a medium you can demonstrate your product in action; so, if you are a highly innovative business, you can show the features and benefits of your concept. With the advent of channels such as YouTube…

  • Advertising in cinemas and theatres

    Advertising in cinemas and theatres

    Cinemas and movie theatres Your local cinema or movie theatre may be the place where your local customers congregate.  Similar rules apply, as with radio and newspapers above, so common sense says you need to target those movies which your customers want to see.  If you have a restaurant you may decide to advertise early…

  • Radio Advertising

    Radio Advertising

    You may be lucky enough to have a local independent radio station which is listened to by your target customers.  Obviously, the benefits of any broadcast radio are that the medium is largely limited to sound and therefore is often best suited to communicating pure fact, for example when you are launching a new product…

  • Marketing in the press

    Marketing in the press

    The press (national or local) – newspapers and magazines The national and local press are a more mature form of advertising, which is still very popular with entrepreneurs, start-ups and small companies.  The benefit is that publishers will recognise the type of business that you have, and recommended packages of advertising that will deliver a…

  • Outdoor marketing

    Outdoor marketing

    Outdoor – posters, billboards and transportation Outdoor advertising, which is also known as Out-Of-Home advertising (OOH), is all advertising that your customers are exposed to when outdoors!  It is surprising how much advertising you can be exposed to whilst you are on the go.  You will see advertising whilst walking, or using any form of…

  • Advertising for entrepreneurs

    Advertising for entrepreneurs

    Your advertising will direct a message to large numbers of potential customers with one single communication!  A couple of simple things to remember here: firstly, advertising needs to be aimed at specific potential customers from whom you need to make a profit; which leads nicely on to secondly, advertising needs to be cost effective.  It…

  • Competitions and marketing

    Competitions and marketing

    Competitions You might consider price promotions which would include activities such as games, draws and competitions.  One benefit is that costs can be calculated fairly precisely before this type of sales promotion. Games are one of those activities which has become far more elaborate since marketing has become digital; so traditionally a game might be…

  • Giveaways for marketing

    Giveaways for marketing

    How are giveaways used for marketing? Giveaways, also known as premiums, are products or services which are given away free or at a low price in order to provide incentives for customers to buy the product or service.  There are a number of them, let us have a look at some. Free-in or on-pack gifts…

  • Money off deals for marketing

    Money off deals for marketing

    What is a money-off deal? Put simply, money off deals are where you offer a discount to customer.  The benefit is that the customer sees an immediate increase in value for what they pay.  Again the money off deal can be used to get a customer to trial your product, and you will get a…

  • What is a rebate? marketing and rebates

    What is a rebate? marketing and rebates

    Rebates for marketing A rebate is a cash refund.  The difference between a rebate and a coupon, is that the rebates are claimed after you good or service has been purchased.  There are some other rather interesting rebating techniques that you might use.  For example, you may set a target for your customer to reach…

  • Marketing Coupons

    Marketing Coupons

    How do coupons work in marketing? Traditionally coupons were given away in newspapers and magazines, or maybe as part of a leaflet campaign.  Digital marketing has rejuvenated the use of coupons.  Historically the benefit of a coupon was that you had a permanent record of your customer.  Of course digital technology means that you collect…

  • Marketing samples

    Marketing samples

    Samples for marketing. There is nothing like actually trying a product or service out for yourself; therefore, if you experience it you know what you are buying and it may make it simpler for you to achieve your sale.  You could give away a free sample, or you might decide to charge a small amount…

  • Promoting and advertising your start-up

    Promoting and advertising your start-up

    There are many tools and techniques that will be useful to you when communicating with the outside world.  Think about these tools as another type of mix, let us call it the promotions mix!  Again, you will balance and blend these approaches to suit your business’ needs best. Ask yourself ‘why?’ are you trying to…

  • Public Relations (PR)

    Public Relations (PR) is a single, broad concept. It is broad since it contains so many elements, many of which will be outlined in this lesson. Public Relations (PR) are any purposeful communications between an organisation and its publics that aim to generate goodwill. Publics, put simply, are its stakeholders. PR is proactive and future…

  • Public Relations (PR) Two

    Tis is part two of Marketing Teacher’s public relations lesson.

  • Promotion


    Another one of the 4P’s is ‘promotion’. This includes all of the tools available to the marketer for ‘marketing communication’. As with Neil H.Borden’s marketing mix, marketing communications has its own ‘promotions mix.’

  • Public Relations (PR) Three

    This is part three of Marketing Teacher’s lesson on public relations.

  • Introduction to Marketing Communications

    Marketing communications is a subset of the overall subject area known as marketing. Marketing has a marketing mix that is made of price, place, promotion, product (know as the four P’s), that includes people, processes and physical evidence, when marketing services (known as the seven P’s).

  • Loyalty Ladder

    The loyalty ladder is often used by marketing communicators to put forward the proposition that consumers can be moved along a continuum of loyalty using a number of integrated marketing communications techniques (it is also referred to as a ‘Branding Ladder.’).

  • Four Banding Alternatives

    A marcoms tool that a marketer can employ for branding decision-making is the Four Banding Alternatives (Tauber 1981). Four Branding Alternatives is a strategic marketing communications technique. It is a fun and creative approach that can add value to any class that likes to discuss brands and how they could be innovatively developed.

  • Advertising

    Advertising is an important element of the marketing communications mix. Put simply, advertising directs a message at large numbers of people with a single communication. It is a mass medium.

  • Advertising Agencies

    An advertising agency handles part or all marketing communications activities on behalf of a client organisation. The agencies themselves tend to vary in size from small, perhaps a handful of people, to vast – where many thousands of employees make up the company. A commission is generally taken by the agency which tends to be…

  • Personal Selling

    Personal selling occurs where an individual salesperson sells a product, service or solution to a client. Salespeople match the benefits of their offering to the specific needs of a client. Today, personal selling involves the development of longstanding client relationships.