Answer – Bowman’s Strategy Clock

Bowman’s Strategy Clock

The Strategy Clock: Bowman’s Competitive Strategy Options

Once again, here’s a to recap of the various options from Bowman’s Strategy Clock. The exercise is at the bottom of this page.

Option one – low price/low added value

Option five cheap jerseys – focussed differentiation

  • cheap mlb jerseys perceived cheap nba jerseys added value to a ‘particular segment’ warranting a premium price.

Option six – increased price/standard

  • Answer higher margins if competitors do not value follow/risk of losing market share.

Option seven Workshop – increased price/low values

  • only feasible in a monopoly situation.

Option eight – low value/standard price

  • loss of market share.

How did you get on? Bowman’s Strategy Clock is a useful tool for deciding upon corporate strategy.

  • likely to be segment specific.

Option two – low price

  • risk of price war and low margins/need to be a ‘cost leader’.

Option three – hybrid

  • low cheap nfl jerseys cost base and reinvestment in low price and differentiation.

Bowman's Strategy Clock

Option four – differentiation

(a)without a price premium:

  • perceived added value Festivals by user, yielding market share benefits.

(b)with a price premium:

  • perceived added value cheap mlb jerseys sufficient to to bear price premium.