Answer – Consumer Buyer Behaviour

Consumer Buyer Behaviour

The Buyer Decision Process

Here’s a recap: If a marketer can identify consumer buyer behaviour, he or she will be in a better position to target products and services at them. Buyer behaviour is focused upon the needs of individuals, groups and organisations.

  • Make decision. Go with service XYZ inc.
  • Action – Buy phone from store.
  • Post-purchase behaviour i.e. Did it work? What was the telephone bill? Did you friends like it?

It is important to understand the relevance of human needs to buyer behaviour (remember, marketing is about satisfying needs).

Describe the Buying Decision Process for a mobile/smartphone. Fit your description around the five stages that follow:

The Buyer Decision Process.

  • Recognition of a need – to communicate with friends, as a fashion item.
  • Choice of level of involvement (i.e. justifying you time and effort e.g. low for bubble gum, high for a holiday). Medium level of involvement to justify cost and coverage of telephone.
  • Identification of alternatives. Which companies are offering the most suitable packages? ABC inc. or XYZ inc.?