Answer – Internet Marketing and Promotion: Internet Advertising

Internet Marketing and Promotion: Internet Advertising

Answer – Manor Grange Hotel – Internet Advertising – Recommendations

(a) Online Promotion.

Register for a Google Adwords account, by visiting the Google homepage, and clicking on Advertising Programmes. Cost out a campaign for keywords such as ‘Inverness’ – ‘Scottish Salmon’ – ‘Birds Scotland’ and any others that you consider important to potential visitors.

Of course there will be many other ways to promote your business, which would be contained in a fuller marketing plan – such as rate reductions and special offers at times of low occupancy. The Hotel could also provide free guides on local birds and fishing spots.

You could also consider registering with Yahoo! Search Marketing, perhaps under Local Search – Scotland, Inverness.

You could register your website with Commission Junction. Your site would be attractive to affiliate programme owners such as airlines, and travel companies. This could become a source of additional revenue.

(b) Offline Promotion.

You need to create a media release and send it to tourism magazines and institutions ( those that promote tourism businesses in Scotland).

Keep a record of previous visitors, and mail shot them with news on the Hotel.

Print your domain name on all printer material such as business cars, compliments slips, and brochures.