Answer – Marketing Plans and Consumer Behavior

Marketing Plans and Consumer Behavior

A reminder of your task (answers below)

Taking into account the company’s history , contemplated initiatives and applicable marketing plan concepts, please answer the following questions:

1. Haversham’s initial focus on the needs and profit potential in the professional market represents which marketing plan concept?

  • a. Stereotyping
  • b. Indemnification
  • c. Segmentation

2. Haversham’s specific identification of middle management executive in the downtown district represents which marketing plan element?

  • a. Young Urban Professionals
  • b. Goal Setting
  • c. Targeting

3. Based upon current consumer perceptions and behavior, which of the following entities appears to more readily meet their needs?

  • a. Haversham Business School
  • b. Other Business School competitors

4. In order to better understand current consumer behavior, which of the following elements should be considered?

  • a. Culture
  • b. Attitude
  • c. Brand Choice
  • d. Location Choice
  • e. All of the above

5. When Haversham begins to alter its curriculum, offer lower course fees and relocate, it can be said to employ which of the following marketing plan concepts?


  • c. Segmentation
  • c. Targeting
  • b. Other Business School Competitors
  • e. All of the above
  • b. Marketing Inputs and c. Positioning