Answer – Personal Selling

Personal Selling

Fishbourne Financial Services

(a) Mr Boosh raises the following objection – ‘Your pension scheme seems very expensive’ – How would you handle it?

Yes, but the final pension is much better in comparison with other schemes, when you actually retire. [i.e. ‘yes but.’]

Why do you think the pension scheme is expensive? [i.e. ask ‘why?’]

Our pension scheme is too expensive? [i.e. restate]

I appreciate your point. However, in comparison to the pension schemes offered by our competitors, this scheme is very reasonable [i.e. contradiction]

(b) You have reached the end of the sales call. How would you close the deal for the pension scheme with Mr Boosh?

Shall I arrange the pension for you? [i.e. ask for the business]

You like the easy monthly payments, the payment holiday if needed, the added bonus for remaining with us and not moving your pension to another provider, and the free travel clock, so shall I arrange the pension for you? [i.e. summary close ]

Would you like to pay by cash weekly or by regular monthly salary deductions?[ [i.e. alternative close.]