Answer – The Loyalty Ladder

The Loyalty Ladder

Farley’s Irish Dream

Recommendations for Farley’s Irish Dream’s launch into European markets are as follows:


Sponsor well-known professional skiers, snowboarders and bobsleigh teams in order to gain some early awareness amongst prospects.

Employ a promotions agency that will visit top competitive events throughout Europe to hand out small trial bottles to prospects.


Target bars, supermarkets and hotels in the winter sports regions. Here run sales promotions and distribute free merchandise such as ski hats, point-of-sale and drip trays carrying the Farley’s brand.

The Loyalty Ladder


Sponsor websites that carry news and information about ski resorts and their current climate. Get clients to register their e-mail address and mobile phone numbers for e-mail and text information about skiing conditions.

Begin a campaign that aligns the brand with aspiring, 25-40 year old professionals by advertising in targeted magazines.


This is the culmination of the previous three sections. Use text and e-mail to promote Farley’s to advocates, and reward them for forwarding e-mail and texts to their friends (using viral techniques). Record data on the success of campaigns by individual advocate, and continue to develop innovative and fresh ideas to keep your valuable advocates loyal.