Display Advertising

Display advertising

Display advertising is where an advertiser places an advert on somebody else’s website, in the search engine results or via a third-party advertising system such as Google AdWords.

Third-party advertising systems

Most popular today are third-party advertising systems such as Google Adwords whereby ads are served from a hosting system onto a particular section on a web page or site. For more information on search marketing and SEO take a look at other lessons on the Marketing Teacher website. The advert once clicked will take the visitor through to the website landing page, or to a specifically designed microsite [which is purposely designed sub-website, specifically designed for promotional purposes]; these are the typical banner type ads, social media advertisements, and mobile adverts that everyone is used to seeing on the Internet today.

Display advertising is direct

Display advertising gives the advertiser a direct response i.e. the user or visitor will go straight from the advert to the advertiser’s website or microsite. This obviously has a number of advantages over traditional media where the channel is much longer and time-consuming. Also adverts are seen but not clicked upon and this gives the advantage of disseminating your brand to enhance awareness and interest. Also the online ads can be mixed and integrated with other online and off-line promotional activities. Display advertising can be highly targeted and costed, and advertisers can make adjustments and changes to any campaign based on data received during the last campaign.

However you need to be careful that your brand doesn’t get associated with less desirable elements of the Internet; also display advertising may not be right to your own business, for example if you are a local plumber local trade directories might be better, and will target audience may not use digital devices. Also bear in mind that online users and consumers are wise to online advertising and that sometimes click through rates may be comparatively low or relatively expensive.

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