Exercise – Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet

Marketing and the Balance Sheet

Review the Balance Sheet below and answer the following questions:

1) What kind of assets are account receivables?
2) Is there sufficient cash on hand and accounts receivable to pay for taxes and accounts payable?
3) What percentage of fixed assets is represented by land ownership?

Balance Sheet Ending December 31st 2014.


Current Assets

Cash on Hand


Accounts Receivable




Total Current Assets


Fixed Assets

Garage and Equipment


Less Depreciation


Land Owned


Other (Intangible Assets)



Total Fixed Assets


Total Assets



Liabilities & Shareholder Equities


Accounts Payable


Taxes Payable


Long-Term Loan



Total Liabilities


Shareholder Equity

Common Stock


Retained Earnings


Total Shareholder Equity


Total Liabilities $ shareholder Equity