Exercise – Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

Place the 8 objectives and measures into the four balanced scorecard metric categories of Finance, Customers, Business Processes and Learning and Growth. Please note that objectives and measures (in the table below) may not be related i.e. objective (1) and measure (a) do not belong together. So first place the objectives, and then place the measures.

1. Finance







2. Customer.







3. Business Processes







4. Learning and Growth







Categorise the following as Financial, Customers, Processes, or Learning and Growth (You may need to print this page):



1. To be the cost leader in our market by 2004

(a) Average time taken for customers to receive complete orders

2. To reduce customer churn by 75% within 12 months

(b) Customer retention rates

3. To lead the market in speedy delivery by 2008

(c) Return On Capital Employed (ROCE)

4. To build a sports and social club by March 2009

(d) Employee satisfaction rates

5. To increase profitability by 20% by 2005

(e) Statistical process control

6. To produce products that are right first time within 3 months

(f) Employee retention rates

7. To train and develop all team leaders by 2006

(g) Customer feedback or complaints

8. To achieve 99% customer satisfaction within 5 years

(h) Unit cost

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