Answer – Marketing in a Credit Credit Crunch

Marketing in a Credit Credit Crunch

A quick reminder of your questions (with answers below)

1. A great framework for conducting a situational analysis which takes into account economic and political factors is a part of which of the following

  • a. Transactional Analysis
  • b. Nutritional Analysis
  • c. Systems Analysis
  • d. PEST Analysis

2. The Mystic Company’s current lack of information on customer opinions hinders its understanding of which of the following factors?

  • a. Customer needs
  • b. Brand Perception
  • c. The buyer decision process
  • d. Consumer values
  • e. All of the above

3. Mystic Company personnel most likely to be assigned to monitor and adapt to changes in the marketing environment is which of the following?

  • a. The Company Attorney
  • b. The Truck Mechanic
  • c. The Marketing Manager
  • d. The Auditor

4. Which of the following approaches is most likely to result in the development of Smart Objectives?

  • a. Following the leader
  • b. Proceeding on instinct
  • c. Outlining specific, realistic and achievable tactics
  • d. Crossing your fingers

5. Which of the following current or planned initiatives will aid Mystics formulation of its advertising tactics and decision-making?

  • a. Assessing the cause of customer complaints
  • b. Continuing to mirroring the moves of competitors
  • c. Conducting a customer feedback survey
  • d. Utilizing information provided by the Association


  • d. PEST Analysis
  • e. All of the Above
  • c. The Marketing Manager
  • c. Outlining specific, realistic and achievable tactics
  • a, c and d.

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