Exercise – Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

Case Study – Counselling on the Internet: a new innovation

Cannon Counselling is amongst the most highly regarded counselling practices in Western Australia. It employs three full-time, and17 part-time, counsellors. All are qualified and experienced. They work with all types of clients, both directly and via referral from doctors. It is a successful company. However, it is not growing and is looking for an innovative way to expand its enterprise.

The Australian government is offering substantial sums of money to organisations that want support in marketing their products or services via the internet. This is called the ‘E-commerce for the Millennium Project’. The owner of Cannon Counselling, Steve Bull, is very interested in this opportunity to expand his business in such a progressive way.

Your brief.

You work for the E-commerce for the Millennium Project. Steve Bull has asked you to help him prepare a marketing plan for Cannon Counselling’s expansion onto the Internet. Use the AOSTC to write an outline marketing plan.