Answer – Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

Case Study – Counselling on the Internet. A new innovation

To: Steve Bull – 1st January 2019

From: ABC Adviser

Marketing Plan for the Cannon Counselling Internet


After conducting marketing research and analysing all available desk research, the following marketing plan is recommended.


To register 30 new counselling clients by December 31st 2010.


We will set-up and interactive website. The site will enable counsellors and clients to communicate over a secure connection. The consultation will guided by exactly the same regulations as a regular face-to-face meeting. The only difference if that it will take place in real-time using the internet.



Clients will be charged sixty Australian Dollars for a 30 minute consultation. For a course of twelve sessions the cost will be six hundred Australian Dollars. Payments will be made by credit card at the beginning of the consultation.


All consultations will take place over a secure Internet connection using webcams.


The new interactive service will be advertised to doctors’ surgeries via trade press. Cannon Counselling will also attend relevant exhibitions and conferences.


An interactive session with experienced and qualified counsellors.


Monitor the quantity of new client registrations on a weekly basis Record visits and revisits to the site. Check income against projections.

That’s all that is required from an outline marketing plan. Obviously, the fuller document would have a lot more detail. However, the marketing plan should be succinct and easily understood by all, as this example shows.