Answer – PEST Analysis

PEST Analysis

Political Factors.

  • Controls on immigration.
  • A fairly new country formed in 1957 (Malaysia) and 1963 (Malay, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore).
  • Parliament and hereditary rulers.

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Economic Factors.

  • Recovering from a very severe recession.
  • High government spending.
  • Very low inflation and unemployment.
  • Favorable prediction for growth in the economy.
  • Lack of corporate reform (high corporate debt and competition)

PEST Analysis

Socio-cultural Factors.

  • Mixture of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian.
  • Variety of religions.
  • Low rates of literacy among women.


  • Good national and international lines.
  • A variety of TV and radio stations.
  • ISPs and airports available.