Answer – Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis

Fen Side Golf Course – Solution

Here’s a reminder, Fen Side Golf Course is an internationally known Scottish golf facility. It is not just an eighteen hole world-class golf course, it has a five star hotel with 250 luxury rooms, and private leisure centre, indoor tennis courts, as well as a series of top class restaurants.

  • D. Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered and prepared every day.
  • E. The hotel has an advanced room reservation system.
  • F. Fen Side is promoted through magazines targeted at the weathly and influential.
  • G. The whole experience is based upon high quality, professional service at every stage.
  • H. Limousines are available to take guests to airports as they finish their stay.
  • I. Fen Side has a series of contracts with suppliers of meat and fish.

Below are a series of nine activities that add value to the Fen Side experience. Print out the value chain above and place the appropriate letter (below) onto the value chain. Here’s our suggested solution:

Value Chain

  • A. All staff are trained to the highest industry standards.
  • B. The hotel management team focus on goals set out in their strategic plan.
  • C. All golf course fairways are trimmed and watered daily.