Exercise – Internal Marketing

Internal Marketing

Casey Brothers Insurance (CBI) goes to Las Vegas

Casey Brothers Insurance (CBI) was created in 1870 by Orville and Wilbur Casey as a service to the Texas oil industry, specializing in life asurance policies to workers in dangerous occupations. Over the last century its business has expanded massively. It now has over 200 small branches all
over the US.

Recently the insurance business has changed tremendously. Customers work in a variety of industries, in many different locations. They tend to shop around for the best quotations and prices. They do not rely upon the convenience of local companies. Many consumers use the Internet to search for appropriate policies at the right price. Andew and Paul Casey, the current Directors of the business, have decided to radically restructure their organization. They have decided to close down all of the 200 small branches. They will be replaced by a Las Vegas based head office with a purpose built call center. The company hopes that many employees will take early retirement, with others accepting the offer to retrain and to move to Las Vegas, a prosperous and expanding city.

Your role is to draw up an internal marketing plan to implement the proposed relocation and call Center.