Exercise – SWOT Analysis – POWER SWOT


Dada Sky Inc.

Exercise – Implementing a POWER SWOT


Vijay Shivalingu is the Marketing Director for Dada Sky Inc, based in Western India. He is beginning his marketing plan which will form the basis of a new and exciting satellite based digital TV and Internet experience.

Personal experience.

  • Vijay has many years experience in the motor industry, and in fact began his career at Dada Motors Inc after graduating from university with a degree in engineering. He has no formal marketing qualifications, but has lots of valuable real-world experience.


  • Dada has one of three new 25 -year government licenses to supply satellite services across India.
  • Dada will be the first to launch its new services in the summer. Dada is a well-known brand in India for cars. It is not renowned for its technology brands.


  • The company is 3 months behind schedule with its launch programme.


  • Huge expansion of TV and Internet access in India. The expansion is growing by 100% per annum. The potential value of such a business could be huge.
  • Education will soon be delivered to remote Indian villages via the Internet and laptops. This is a government funded programme worth $1 billion US.


  • A large European competitor brand has also entered the market.
  • A large Australian competitor brand has announced a joint-venture with a national terrestrial TV Indian brand.