Answer – SWOT Analysis – POWER SWOT


Dada Sky Inc.

Answer – Implementing a POWER SWOT

Personal experience.

Vijay has a wealth of business experience which he will put to work for him on this marketing project for Dada. However he will need assistance and advice regarding digital media and satellite technologies. This could mean the recruitment of an experienced assistant marketing manager, the use of a consultant or some marketing research. If an advertising agency is to be recruited, then it too will need expertise in this sector. At some point Vijay might consider some marketing training to consolidate and update his practical experience e.g. an Executive MBA.

Here is the final POWER SWOT for Dada Sky Inc.


  • Dada will be the first to launch its new services in the summer. Being first to market will help it to land grab early customers. Competitors will need to work hard to get them to swap brands especially if they are satisfied with Dada’s offering. 75%
  • Dada has one of three new 25 -year government licenses to supply satellite service across India. It is the only Indian national company to win this prestigious contract and this fact will undoubtedly help the company attract important early adopters keen to support their flag carrier brand. 25%


  • Dada is a well-known brand in India for cars. It is not renowned for its technology brands. A rebranding exercise needs to be undertaken. It should emphasize the innovative nature of the brand. A large investment must be considered here. 60%
  • Dada is a well-known brand in India for industrial products. The company is 3 months behind schedule with its launch programme. This could mean that a competitor could launch before Dada. 40%


  • Huge expansion of TV and Internet access in India. The expansion is growing by 100% per annum. The potential value of such a business could be huge. Services will include telephone, mobile devices, pay-per-view TV, all sorts of channels supplying services such as Bollywood movies to Test Cricket. 80%
  • Education will soon be delivered to remote Indian villages via the Internet and laptops. This is a government funded programme worth $1 billion US. This opportunity will see regular income from the winning provider. As the national brand, this is vital business for Dada. 20%


  • A large Australian competitor brand has announced a joint-venture with a national terrestrial TV Indian brand. The Indian TV brand is the most popular independent TV company in the country. This will help the consortium to seamlessly enter the market. 60%
  • A large European competitor brand has also entered the market. The company has years of international satellite experience and can build upon the synergy with its expanding British business. 40%

Final comments…

This is a POWER SWOT Analysis, applied to Dada Sky Inc. A longer POWER SWOT would have more categories and factors within strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The next stage would be to look at potential marketing objectives and marketing strategies, focusing on the highest ranking factors first.

Order – strengths or weaknesses, opportunities or threats.

A single strength has been changed to a weakness.


All elements have been weighted by their importance and impact.

Emphasize detail.

Detail and justification has been added to the analysis so that it is more robust for the marketing decision-making that follows.

Rank and prioritize.

Finally after the detail has been added, elements are ranked and prioritized. This starts with a focus upon marketing opportunities.