Internal Influences – Personality

Internal Influences – Personality

Some marketers believe we choose products that express our personalities. Personality is defined as the thoughts, emotions, intentions and behavior that people express as they move through their environment. Personality is unique to individuals, but may be applied to groups, is a combination of characteristics and traits and influences purchasing behaviors. Marketers will use interviews and focus groups to understand personality and how it relates to the purchase of certain products.

The Five Factor Model Approach to personality identifies five core traits and how they manifest into behavior.

Extroversion Prefer to be with others, talkative, bold, outgoing Airline tickets, beer
Stability level From even tempered to and moody and temperamental Time share vacation home, fast sports car
Agreeableness Kind, sympathetic, polite Products that give money to charity
Openness to Experience Imaginative, creative, open to new ideas Art
Conscientiousness Careful, precise, organized Washing machine

Other personality traits that translate into consumer behavior purchases:

  • Frugality—consumers restrain themselves and think heavily about purchases
  • Impulsiveness—purchases are made without much thought beforehand
  • Anxiety—a person with lots of anxiety may have more post-purchase dissonance and feel upset about purchases after they get them home
  • Bargaining—some consumers prefer to bargain for purchases, it gives them a sense of control over their spending
  • Vanity—taking excessive pride in one’s appearance and accomplishments
  • Competence—being responsible and dependable
  • Excitement—craving daring and spirited purchases
  • Ruggedness—craving products that are tough and strong
  • Sincerity—honest and genuine
  • Sophistication—desiring products that are glamorous and prestigious

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Internal Influences – Personality

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