Exercise – Promotion

Integrating the Promotions Mix – Exercise

‘www.cuttingitshort.com’ – The Campaign

Clarissa Drive-Terrior is one of the new breed of entrepreneurs that have taken advantage of the massive opportunities open to e-businesses. Her idea was to sell travel and flights, theatre tickets, and similar products and services, to consumers that need them at very short notice; hence the name cutting it short. www.cuttingitshort.com became extremely popular almost immediately. It was so popular that Clarissa decided to float the business. This was also a huge success, with stocks/shares exchanging hands for more than $20.00 each.

Now that the business was a success, it needed a campaign to reinforce its brand attributes in the mind of existing consumers, and the generate new ones.

Your task is to integrate the promotions mix to form a campaign for www.cuttingitshort.com.

Use the different elements of the mix which were: